How to Alter Clothes for Rotator Cuff Surgery

A key way to alter your clothes is not so much in cutting them just right but simply switching to different clothes to wear. For example shoes. Instead of using shoes with laces, opt for slip ons or sandals that use a simple strap to secure them in place.

For pants, elastic waist pull-ups are the best. You can use tracksuits, but the strong tie may not be that easy to do up if you have no one helping you. For women, a camisole with a built-in bra will make wearing underclothes a lot easier.

But if you do not have one, look for strapless alternatives that will do the job while not sacrificing comfort. Then at night when you are at home, stretchy nightgowns are very good to slip on.

The key to this situation is that you will have to do a little thinking ahead and analyze your normal activities and see what clothes you should wear and which ones you can get away with. Remember that you have to take into consideration bathroom duties and you will need the right clothes to meet those situations.

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