How to Put a Shirt on After Shoulder Surgery

The process remains the same no matter which kind of shirt you use to accommodate your injured shoulder. This process is for when you are using an altered pullover shirt, sweater or sweatshirt and so on.

It is best if you slip your shirt on over your injured shoulder first. This cuts down on hassles and makes it a little easier for you. Next, you need to put your head through the opening. Finally, your good arm goes through its opening last.

When you want to get out of the shirt, just reverse this process. For an open front shirt, you still need to slip your injured arm through the opening first. Then place the shirt around your head and neck.

After that, you place your good arm through its spot. It may take some practice but you will get used to it and soon your shirts will go on quickly as they did before your surgery.

When you have a button-up or t-shirt, it is best to have some help. Especially in the first few weeks after surgery. It will be painful and awkward trying to get everything in place if you have to do it on your own.

Lastly, you can always visit for you post surgery clothing needs.


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