Renova Medical Wear Leading the Way in Creating Inclusive, Stylish, and Functional Post Surgery Clothing

The company’s mission is to provide optimal apparel solutions for those suffering from burdensome immobilization.

Renova Medical Wear is pleased to announce the launch of its game-changing inclusive, comfortable, and functional post-surgical clothing line.

Renova Medical Wear is an apparel company that offers uniquely designed clothing, styled specifically for post-surgical patients. The company’s team is dedicated to making life easier, comfortable, and more enjoyable for this special-need demography to help support patients from the inside out.

“When I started the company, it was imperative for us to develop an apparel solution for those suffering from burdensome immobilization that have been marginalized from ‘traditional’ apparel,” says founder of Renova Medical Wear, Christian Bok. “At the core of our mission, we aim to help post-surgical patients feel as normal as possible during recovery in an effort to support their mental health. We truly do believe that when patients feel good about the way they look, this can go a long way in helping them to heal.”

To support patients in feeling their best, Renova Medical Wear offers a wide variety of post-surgery clothing, including:

• Shoulder surgery shirt
• Mastectomy recovery shirt
• Post-mastectomy pillow
• Post-surgery pants
• Post-surgery tearaway shorts and pants
• Post-surgery tearaway underwear
• And so much more

Renova Medical Wear’s products are ideal for post-surgery recovery patients, those with limited mobility who want to gain independence dressing themselves, caregivers of those with mobility issues, and businesses who wish to market these garments to consumers.

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About Renova Medical Wear

Founded in 2016, Renova Medical Wear’s mission has always been to provide comfortable and dignifying clothing to post-surgical patients who, until now, have not able to wear traditional and stylish clothing.