Tips for Changing Shirt After Shoulder Surgery

The best tip you can get is to practice, practice and practice. You can even start before your surgery so you get the hang of changing your shirt when no help is available.

One-handed dressing is not easy to do even when you have 2 good arms to use. So you should take a little time and get your post-surgery shirts cut and ready to go before you head to the hospital. Being prepared is always the smart way to go.

It will be much more difficult to dress after your surgery so take some time and get the practice in. Next, do not over complicate the post-surgery shirt design. You want it to be as simple as possible.

That way you do not hurt yourself again or delay your recovery. You will be less frustrated as well. You are going to have tough times after the surgery so do not complicate matters and make things worse by having hard to use post-surgery shirts to wear.

A third tip is to have soft fabrics for your shirt. Your shoulder is going to be uncomfortable enough so give yourself a break and keep the fabrics nice and soft.

Lastly, you can always visit for you post surgery clothing needs.


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