About Us - Post Surgery Apparel Store

Most people think about clothing as a fashion choice and rarely how it affects every other part of our lives. Lifestyle changes like those caused by ill-health could be so drastic that they meet us unprepared to deal with how uncomfortable everyday clothes could be. Therefore, most people realize too late how inconvenient it is to wear the usual clothes after a surgical procedure.

When visiting with friends or relatives who had just undergone surgery, most people witness the stress that nurses and other caregivers experience to help their patients get in and out of clothes, unbefitting for their recovery process. At this moment, patients and caregivers look for oversized or loose-fitting clothes as an option. Often, these alternatives are designed or made of fabric that could add to the patient's discomfort instead of easing them.

Renova Medical Wears offers uniquely designed clothing styled specifically for post-surgical patients. Our team is dedicated to making life easier and better for a special-need demography on the fashion curve – post-surgical patients. We are passionate about making life after surgery easy, comfy, and just almost as amazing as a typical day in your best clothes. It's our firm belief that healing is from the inside. 


The desire to provide comfortable clothing to post-surgery patients inspired us to create Renova Medical Wear. We solely focus on providing comfortable and dignifying apparel to post-surgical patients, helping them recover in comfort. We believe that everyone has the right to dignity in care. Considering how much mental health could affect patients' physical recovery, we are passionate about giving top-quality clothing and design at all times. 

Our team is trained to adhere to global best practices in apparel design and production. Once we had figured out how to meet health standards and client needs, we gathered a team and launched into production. Every member of our team, from production to delivery, understands why we do this.

We all invest ourselves into the process for the outcome to be nothing less than perfect. And, over the last few years, it has brought us joy knowing that every item we have produced has comfortably clothed post-surgical patients and eased the stress of their caregivers. We are always delighted to know that this brainchild makes our customers' lives easier.