Shoulder Surgery Recovery Tips Renova Medical Wear Inc

Shoulder Surgery Recovery Tips

Rotator cuff and labral repair surgery typically require being in a sling for three to six weeks. Usually, after six weeks, most people will be able to resume active movement. Recovery from shoulder surgery will be easier and more comfortable for patients who plan ahead, make a few temporary changes at home, obtain a few comfort items, and practice personal hygiene and dressing with the non-affected arm. Ask your surgeon for additional information about driving and computer use.
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What to wear after shoulder surgery  Renova Medical Wear Inc Shoulder Surgery Shirt

What to wear after shoulder surgery

Renova Medical Wear Inc. is focused on creating affordable, high-quality, and long-lasting Post Surgery Clothing you can rely on.
SnapWear™ Post Surgery T-shirts inner seam, along with the collar of the shirt, which has been specially designed to be enlarged for maximum comfort, is constructed with durable snap fasteners to provide patients with the comfort of a tailor-made adaptable T-Shirt which accommodates both the user and their caregivers. Our classic functional design aids post-surgery patients, caregivers, and medical professionals, by providing for them the ability to adapt the SnapWear™ Post Surgery T-Shirt to their specific needs.
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